5 Can’t Miss Stops on a California RV Vacation

A California RV rental from El Monte Sales is a great option when you want to take a fun road trip through the sunniest West Coast state. After you pick up your RV rental (or you have your RV rental meet you at the airport!), you are ready to begin your adventures! As you go down the many different roads in California looking for anything fun or exciting to do, be sure to stop at the following five locations.

1. San Francisco

There’s so much to see in San Francisco that it’s practically a given on the tourist list. Get out of the RV and ride a classic cable car that has been here for a couple hundred years. Go down to Pier 39, where you can have a meal of fresh fish while watching all of the huge sea lions sunbathe on the floating docks below. If you are flying into the city, you can pick up your San Francisco RV rental right there. 

Check out your local San Francisco RV sales while you’re at it. If you’re not dropping in on San Francisco at the start, but stopping there at the end of your journey, get a one-way discount on your San Francisco RV rental. You’ll pick up an RV from another California location and bring it back home to the San Francisco RV sales store that is looking for a tourist to help return it to them.

2. Mono Lake

This lake is millions of years old, features calcium carbonate and salt pillars and hills rising all around, and is one of the few naturally occurring salt lakes in the U.S. RV camps for Lake Mono are close at hand, because Mono Lake is in Yosemite National Park. 

Park here for a week in one of the RV camps and enjoy all of the amazing things in Yosemite. Then pull up stakes, metaphorically speaking, and head for Lake Tahoe.

3. Lake Tahoe

You know what fascinates campers around Lake Tahoe? It’s the crystal blue waters of the lake formulated by melted snow and ice from the nearby mountains. Year-round people set out looking for California RV camps, only to discover that Lake Tahoe is strikingly beautiful. 

If nature isn’t quite your thing, you can park your RV there and then boat across the lake to the Nevada border. On the other side, head to a casino in nearby Reno, or come back and ski the mountains.

4. Napa Valley

Ah, wine country! Nothing like it, especially if you want to spend a few days touring around it. There are plenty of California RV camps in the Napa Valley area, letting you decide where to set down wheels and where to go for wine tours. While well-behaved kids and teens can tour the winery, they can’t sample anything, so it’s best to leave them at home or in the RV at the campgrounds (if they’re old enough!).

5. Theme Parks, Courtesy of Anaheim/Los Angeles Area

Take your California RV rental to any theme park in California for one or more days of fun. Park it in specially designated campgrounds just for RVs in these theme parks. Have a blast, and drive on.

El Monte Sales encourages tourists of all walks to come and explore California. You’ll never be bored exploring in an RV!

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