Avoid These 5 Common RV Mishaps

When buying an RV or used motorhome, you will need to purchase RV insurance as well. The good news is that your current auto and home insurance company likely offers a discount for additional insurance products added to your current protection plans. Once you have the RV insurance and have completed the process for buying an RV, the next step is to learn how to avoid common mishaps that result in insurance claims.

El Monte RV wants to offer you some excellent advice on insurance. Additionally, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms to see all the RVs and used motorhomes we have for sale.

1. Big Vehicles, Low Clearance

A very common mishap that first-time RV owners make is attempting to take a vehicle two or three times the height of a car through low clearance. Be aware of how tall your RV or motorhome is. When there’s a low clearance sign you don’t attempt to drive under it.

This includes going through drive-throughs for fast food or under low bridges. Your new recreational vehicle will either become quite stuck or you will end up shearing the roof off!

2. These Vehicles Are Not Designed for Off-Roading

They are camping vehicles, but RVs and motorhomes (particularly motorhomes!) are not designed for off-road use. Rocks can create dents, pop tires, and bust pipes and plumbing underneath. Trees can bust windows and scrap the sides of the RV.

To avoid this kind of damage to your new camping vehicle, keep it on the road or paved pathways. Stay in campsites where it will not be marred or damaged. El Monte RV can sell you an RV that is specially designed for off-roading, but it may require additional insurance.

3. Learn the Best Ways to Turn and Fill up with Gas

Avoiding one of the biggest RV insurance claims involves learning to turn them around carefully and knowing how to fill the gas tank at a station. These vehicles require a slow and patient hand to turn them and they need to make wide turns or pull right up to the side of a pump. It’s also best to fill up where there is no overhead canopy or fill up at a station that has a separate area designed just for taller vehicles.

4. Get Help Backing Up

Have an adult passenger jump out and guide you as you back up. Too many RVs and motorhomes end up with rear damage because it’s hard to see behind you. If you can’t see how much room you have, you can damage your camping vehicle thereby resulting in expensive RV insurance claims.

5. Braking and Collisions

Used motorhomes and RVs need more time to stop. Driving around in one of these machines requires a little extra finesse with the braking system. Whether it’s a fifth-wheel tow-behind or a super luxurious motorcoach, several tons of extra weight are rolling along. The braking systems need more time and greater distance to slow down.

Being alert and mindful on the road and preparing to slow down sooner than you think is necessary can prevent collisions. The faster you are moving, the more time and space you will need between you and the cars ahead. You can also purchase special braking systems to install on your RV or motorhome.

Consult with El Monte sales associates at RV sales to select safety features for your new vehicle. Check out features at our RV sales shows and buy insurance based on the safety features included.

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