De-Winterizing Your RV: What You Need To Know

As the flowers start to bloom, you might be itching to get out on the road. Spring RV travel is a popular pastime, which requires some preparation beforehand.

If your RV has been in storage for a few months, follow these basic tips from El Monte Sales to get it roaring down the road again. De-winterizing your RV prolongs its lifespan from season to season.

Focus on Utilities

When you performed RV winterization, most owners added antifreeze to their plumbing to prevent pipe damage. Be sure to flush and sanitize the plumbing as a first step, recommends KOA.

Move to an inspection of your propane tanks and connections next. Verify that no leaks exist, and hook up those tanks as needed. Additionally, check your electrical system and associated appliances. You don’t want any failed circuits discovered on the road.

Clean and Inspect the Exterior

Most RV guides suggest inspecting the exterior, such as slideouts, rooftops and window seals. During spring RV travel, you want everything to work like they’re brand-new components.

Lubricate any hinges, and wash the window screens. If your RV winterization process was thorough, there should only be a few tasks in the springtime.

Care for Tires, Batteries and Engine Components

Regardless of how well you performed motorhome winterization a few months ago, the tires will inevitably lose air. Check the tire pressure, and add air as needed.

Look under the hood too. Verify that all engine fluids are full. Charge up the engine battery, and reinstall it if necessary.

If you have any other questions about under-the-hood care, El Monte Sales can support your needs.

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Check for Visitors

One of the top RV tips that may be overlooked is checking for any critters. Winter is a harsh season, which means that animals big and small will seek out warmer homes.

Open up all the cabinets, drawers and other small areas. Look for any signs of animal activity, such as excrement or food droppings. This inspection process also gives you a chance to sweep out any areas that are reserved for storage.

Scrub the Interior

Your motorhome winterization process may have included covering any interior areas with drop cloths. Remove these cloths, and clean all the interior surfaces.

Swap out the linens for clean ones too. Use this time to also check the first-aid kits. Most RV guides suggest adding extra items to the kits so that you’re prepared for any unexpected injuries.

Following spring RV tips right now will only make your journey a smooth one in the future. A little preparation prevents problems that can arise in time.

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