Go RVing in King’s Canyon National Park

King’s Canyon National Park has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of California. It has tons of RV campground sites that make it an ideal vacation spot. If you are considering purchasing an RV this year, check out El Monte RV. Then reserve a spot in King’s Canyon.

In the Sierra Nevada Mountains with an El Monte RV

King’s Canyon Park is in a valley of the Sierra Nevada mountains. As the mountains rise high above the valley and a big lake, you can see the natural beauty for miles. Wake up to the scenic views every morning in your RV purchased from El Monte dealers. Then spend the day exploring the Sequoia National Park or fishing for lunch on the lake.

Dorst Creek for RV Campers

While you can stay in a tent in King’s Canyon at one of several campsite locations, only Dorst Creek has spots specifically for RV campers. It puts you right in the middle between Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon, offering the best of both worlds. You can visit and explore either national park when you stay here.

Go Cheaper with Used RV Sales

Used RV sales offer you an opportunity to purchase a gently used RV for less. El Monte dealers have a limited inventory of used RVs because they don’t stay on the lot for very long. If you are being mindful of your budget this year and want to go to King’s Canyon, buy a used RV.

It’s also advisable to stock up your RV before you go to King’s Canyon and stay in Dorst campgrounds. There are no hookups and only occasional potable water stations in operation. It’s RV camping with a little more roughing it, but the national park is worth it.

Stick to the Roads If You Don’t Have Backcountry Permits

Visitors are surprised to learn that they can only take an RV where the roads go. They are also surprised to learn that they need backcountry permits to hike in the backcountry. Plan your RV trip accordingly.

Additionally, some campsites in the park may be closed for flooding or weather conditions. Before you pack up the RV and head out, make sure that Dorst is accepting reservations for the current camping season. It’s also smart to reserve your campsite far in advance and have a backup plan if Dorst closes down before you arrive.

Burned Areas and Wildfires

Wildfires are common in California. While everything is done to avoid disappointing park guests due to wildfires, there is no guarantee. Call the Dorst campgrounds or the main park office a week before your arrival date to make sure wildfires are not an issue.

There are also burned areas in the national park here. There are specific rules for campers regarding these areas. Everyone is encouraged to learn what those rules are and are expected to follow them.

You Can Still Visit with Your RV Even If You Can’t Stay

If there are no available RV spots in the summer you choose to visit with your RV, you can still drive through and take in the scenery. You may also find entrance parking for the day and spend the day exploring the outdoors. For more information, ask El Monte RV sales for up-to-date information on King’s Canyon National Park. Then purchase your RV and get to camping!

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