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A growing trend in Class B RVs is to transform a sprinter van into an RV. One such example of this type of RV is the 2023 Winnebago Solis But59PX. This particular model is compact, but still provides a sleeping area, toilet, shower, and a table and chairs. There are a few other benefits to traveling light like this, too.

Winnebago Solis Doesn’t Look Like an RV

If you want to travel but you don’t want people to know your RV is also your main vehicle, the Winnebago Solis is perfect. It looks exactly like all of the other utility work vehicles on the road until you open the sliding side door and look inside. While Class B RVs are often crafted from vans, El Monte Sales has seen an increase in this sprinter van style more and more.

The Minimalist Lifestyle in a Nutshell

Anyone attempting to downsize their living space and live a simpler, minimalized lifestyle will find the 2023 Winnebago Solis But59PX is most agreeable. The space inside has been maximized to include the basic amenities, but in a way that can still wow. There are spaces for storing clothes and a few groceries, but the space limits people from accumulating too much stuff. Because of its compact nature, you can park it just about anywhere and sleep in the van. Considering that no one can tell from the outside that you have an RV and not a sprinter van, no one can disturb you while you sleep.

When Repairs Are Needed, You Can Take This Winnebago to a Standard Mechanic

Engine problems? Axis and wheel problems? Instead of taking this RV to an RV-specific repair shop, you can take it to an auto repair shop. The only exception is when there is a problem with the interior or plumbing, which requires a Winnebago-certified repair technician.

Imagine having a travel vehicle you can take anywhere, camp anywhere, and still repair most engine and electrical problems like a standard van. That is a definite plus where the Winnebago Solis is concerned.

So Much Easier to Clean and Maintain Than Any Other RV

These Class B RVs are so easy to clean and maintain too. Take it through a car wash to clean the exterior. Wipe down surfaces in the interior with standard household cleaning products. Even the shower and the toilet are easy to clean with their antimicrobial materials. A simple hand vac cleans up most of the upholstery and carpeting.

It Costs Less, Especially When You Buy Used

El Monte Sales has used Class B’s for sale as well as new Class B’s. Regardless of whether you buy used or new, you are still saving thousands of dollars above what other types of RVs and motorhomes on the market. Buying a used Class B means you get a very affordable RV that has been gently broken in and is road ready before the ink dries on your sales contract.

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