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Recipes on the Road, Five Delicious Recipes for Your Next Motorhome Vacation

– Plus Keto-friendly holiday desserts

We hope you are starting to enjoy your holidays this year and you can be out on the road in your RV taking the time to be with family, even while social distancing appropriately.

In this blog, we thought we’d feature five of our favorite recipes you can easily whip up in your RV’s kitchen. Isn’t it time for some good old Mac N Cheese? Hot Dogs with sauerkraut and beans? We’ll feature just a few of our delicious comfort food favorites here. Feel free to click on the links to the noted websites which offer more specific recipes and great tips for RV cooking.

RV Road Recipes

1) Mac and Cheese

Here’s a classic you might think you can’t make without an oven — or without resigning yourself to a box or frozen, microwavable fare. Not so, friends. This scrumptious recipe comes chock full of fresh bell peppers and savory sausage, and it’s all done in one pan right on top of your stove. See the recipe here for this delicious Mac and Cheese. You can also modify it to be a simpler Mac and cheese dish by omitting the peppers and sausages if your kids wouldn’t like them.

2) Bacon-Wrapped Trout

Camping somewhere with awesome freshwater fishing opportunities? Take advantage of last night’s catch and grill up this savory lunch. It’s easy, delicious, and a great way to infuse your day with a healthy dose of protein — all the better to power your outdoor adventures! Click on the recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Trout from Bon Appétit here. 

3) Hot Dogs with sauerkraut and black beans

This classic cook-out recipe is leveled up a bit with the addition of black beans and Italian parsley. Serve it on a favorite bun or flat bread, or just lay it out on some large lettuce leaves for a Keto-friendly meal everyone will love. See the Hot Dogs with sauerkraut and black beans recipe here.

4) Chicken Coconut Curry

This is a delicious one-skillet curry that’s ready very quickly. This is a super keto-friendly dinner with just enough kick to be interesting. I add a lot of curry powder to mine. I also add extra spinach leaves at the end of cooking so it is a very balanced meal with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Find the Chicken Coconut Curry recipe here.

5) One pan scrumptious Apple Pie

This is so good your grandmother would be proud. You can make it in one cast iron skillet and use different apples too if Granny Smith’s aren’t available. Remember if you use a sweeter apple to cut down on the brown and white sugar you add. I also add a hint of cardamom and plenty of cinnamon-Ceylon cinnamon is my favorite, for a nice holiday spice flavor at this time of year. If you are trying to cut out sugar or at least cut down on it, you can use Swerve or Stevia or erythritol in place of the sugar. They even make a brown sugar Swerve variety as well. Find the One pan scrumptious apple pie here.

Low Carb, Keto, or Low-sugar? Check out these

And if you are trying to find some other low carb, keto, or low-sugar variations on desserts, here are a few other suggestions, since the Apple Pie above made with sugar contains 717 calories and a ton of carbs.

1) Low Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse

Oh so delicious! When you don’t know what to do with a can of plain pureed pumpkin in your pantry, this is a real treat! It is easy, no-bake and sugar-free; a pumpkin and low carb lovers dream! It is gluten free, keto and made with only 6 ingredients. For the full recipe and ingredients list, click on the link above.

2) Low Carb Grain-Free Apple Dump Cake

This one is so easy and so satisfying, especially with a dollop of whipped cream. It is only 161 calories per serving compared to the 717 of Granny Smith’s apple pie above. It has about 12 grams of carbs but nearly 5 of those are fiber so net carb count is a respectable 3.7 grams. Again click on the link to read the full recipe.

3) Low Carb, No Sugar Added Pumpkin Pie

And here is the simplest no sugar added pumpkin pie you will ever find. You may need to make your own almond and coconut flour crust first but you can find many keto pie crust recipes, before following this simple recipe for the pie filling. Note to Keto dieters, this recipe calls for evaporated milk. I would substitute heavy cream or the Nestlé’s Crema as evaporated milk contains 13 grams of carbs. Heavy cream contains 0.5 grams so much better for your keto diet. 

More Resources

For many more recipes check out this site for Tasty and Easy Meals to Whip up in Your RV. Or take a look at Go RVing’s suggestions for many recipes you can make on the road this winter.  

If you are trying to find your ideal recreational vehicle that fits your needs check in at one of our El Monte RV Sales locations. See our  El Monte RV Sales page for all our El Monte Sales locations and check the nearest one for available RV’s for sale.

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