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Have you ever thought there is something a little different about RV Owners? Or that there may be something you don’t know about owning an RV that you should know before you jump into RV ownership? Well, you were right on both counts. RV owners are an unusual breed (not just because of RV toilet paper)! And they often know quite a lot about owning an RV. Better yet, they are almost always eager and willing to share their knowledge to help other RV’ers and newbies to learn the ropes. Here are eight things you may not have known about owning an RV, culled from the knowledge of experienced RV’ers.

  1. RV Toilet Paper – Yes that is a thing: Regular toilet paper can easily gum up your RV’s delicate sewer system, resulting in a mess you don’t want to have to clean up. Look for those that advertise they are made for an RV or they may say “rapidly dissolving” or other similar wording to avoid making a difficulty you won’t want to deal with on the road.
  2. Water hoses for potable water – Not every hose is the same: If you don’t want to impart funky odors and flavors into your RV’s fresh water supply, you need to get your hands on a certified potable water hose. Luckily, they’re easy to spot because they’re always white in color!
  3. Extra Potable Water – You Need This! Even if you routinely camp in resorts with hookups, it’s always a good idea to keep extra drinkable water aboard. It can help extend your boondocking stays, and you’ll be grateful for it in case of an emergency.
  4. Collapsible or easy-folding ladders: Who would’ve thought of this? A collapsible ladder makes climbing up on top of your RV possible, while also taking up very little of your rig’s precious storage space. Sometimes you will need to get up high and inspect your slide out before you bring it in or see if any large branches have accumulated on your RV’s roof. This makes life easy in so many ways!
  5. Portable Leveling Blocks—Yes, Another Must Have! Unless you relish sleeping on a slanted surface (or if your rig is fancy enough to have its own automatic leveling system), leveling blocks are an absolute must. In fact, running your RV refrigerator on an unlevel surface can cause it to have mechanical issues!
  6. Sewer Hose and Supports —Is this one obvious? If you ever want to empty your RV’s wastewater tanks (spoiler alert: you’re going to), you need to have the right supplies to get the job done. That means a sturdy sewer hose, and, if you’ll be camping with a sewer hookup, hose supports to help keep everything flowing nicely.
  7. Emergency Kit – In Case of Emergency, open this: One thing that is true about every form of travel: you’ll always learn to expect the unexpected. Although we hope you’ll never have to use it, keeping a well-stocked emergency kit on hand is just plain smart thinking. This should include band-aids, water purifier tablets, a knife (like a Swiss Army one), and some basic tools. In addition to those, you will need to remember to bring along any medications you are taking and some for “just in case.”
  8. Foam Mattress Topper—In case you value your sleep! Ok, not all of us are great sleepers and the mattress that comes with your RV may not be the most comfortable or even close to that. If you invest in a good foam mattress topper, you can count on a good night’s sleep, even if the bed below it is kind of hard. It is going to be worth the investment to at least get a foam mattress topper… or possibly consider replacing the mattress altogether.

We hope this list of things you’ll need for an RV will help make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. From RV toilet paper to and emergency kit, this list will help you get started. After all, when you’ve got all your RV needs on board, a comfortable vacation is a lot simpler — you won’t have to pull off for that last-minute purchase or turn around because you forgot something important!

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