Living the Digital Nomad Life

A digital nomad is someone who doesn’t have a fixed or physical address. They might live in a new or used motorhome and travel across the country every week. As remote workers, they can make money anywhere they go to pay for their adventures. If buying an RV is in the cards for you, see what you need to know about working as a digital nomad.

Find a Job First

Forbes found that 22% of Americans are remote workers, which comes to more than 35 million people. That doesn’t mean finding remote work is easy though, especially as competition heats up in the job market. Before you become a nomad or even start looking at RV sales, find a position that you can hold down on the road.

Get an Internet Connection

Remote jobs usually require a stable internet connection. While many campgrounds have WiFi, you may find yourself camping in areas with a spotty or weak signal or no connection at all. Starlink is one good option, but some RV owners prefer HughesNet or Viasat. You usually pay a fee for your equipment and another monthly fee for the service. Make sure the connection is strong enough to handle anything you want to do on the road.

Choose the Right RV

The best RV is one that has enough space for your travels. El Monte RV lets you check out the interior and exterior of different models before you buy. You can even rent one before you buy or try one before you buy. Not only do fifth wheels have a lot of space, but you can tow one with a truck. This gives you the freedom to set up camp, detach your truck, and visit the closest town. Digital nomads love Class A motorhomes because they have slide-outs to expand the amount of available space. A camper van is a good choice if you’re single because it can feel too cramped with more people inside.

Know When to Upgrade

Smart digital nomads know that as their lifestyles change, they need to upgrade their rides. A used motorhome is perfect for anyone starting out, but you may find that you want more space or new amenities. With RV financing, you don’t need to pay the total cost right away. Make a down payment and then pay off the balance in the coming months. You may want an RV with more storage, a tow hitch installed, or a bigger engine. Some nomads upgrade to RVs with more beds and a bigger kitchen, too.

Take Time for the Small Things

Buying an RV isn’t the only step you take to enjoy your new lifestyle. Far too many nomads focus too much on work and not enough time on pleasure. Take time to decompress at the end of the day. Shut down your laptop and spend time outside. Why work on the road if you can’t enjoy the road? Check out the local museums, parks, hiking trails, and activities.

Start Your Digital Nomad Journey

As a digital nomad, the open road becomes your office. Make sure you know what the road holds to prepare yourself. At El Monte RV, we offer RV sales and in-house financing for buyers of all types. Contact us to see how we can help you become a happy digital nomad.

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