Thor RVs

Thor, mighty Norse god of thunder, shares his moniker and connection to nature, power, and strength, with this family lineup of RVs and trailers. Thor RV manufacturers have been producing all kinds of camping vehicles for decades now, from the pop-up tow-behind to the deluxe luxury motorcoach. If you are looking to buy your first RV, El Monte Sales has some very nice, gently used RVs from the Thor brand.

The Class C Thor RV

A good “beginner” or “starter” RV is the Class C RV. These RVs are best suited for people who have never pulled a trailer or a tow-behind vehicle since the Class C is essentially a truck-mounted camper. It’s usually on the smaller side of camper-style RVs, although some can be quite big. As for the Thor Four Winds model, it’s about 32′ feet long, a very modest-size camper for first-time owners. It may look a little small from the outside, but the inside is quite spacious and luxurious. The Thor Four Winds RV also has a couple expandable pop-out sections to create more room when the vehicle is parked on a campsite.

Other Models by the Thor RV Manufacturers

Thor RV manufacturers have several different makes and models of RVs and campers for your needs. Depending on how many sleeping areas you will need, you can shop a wide variety of RVs and campers from this company. El Monte Sales and Service offers both new and used models from this brand. A sample of what might be available on the sales lot on any given day includes:

  • Travel trailers (pull-behinds with trailer hitches)
  • Fifth wheels (also pull-behind, but with “over cab” areas for sleeping or storage)
  • Lightweight trailers (much smaller pull-behind trailers that only have sleeping areas and maybe a table and benches)
  • Toy haulers, so named because there’s space behind the trailer to haul a car, ATVs, motorcycles, etc.
  • Expandable trailers, also referred to as “pop-ups” because they “pop-up” from a collapsed and flattened position
  • Class A motorhomes, the top-of-the-line luxury vehicles with all the amenitie
  • Class B camper vans with limited amenities
  • Class C motorhomes, which includes the Thor Four Winds model

Because inventory can change daily to weekly, it is suggested that you take a tour of any RV or camper available that interests you. There isn’t a high demand for Class C RVs as they can cost more than trailers or pop-ups, but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t jump at the chance to buy the one you’re interested in.

The Thor RV Brand Overall

Overall, this brand makes some of the nicest and best campers and RVs. Prices are moderate, comparable to some of the lesser expensive brands on the market, but with greater comfort and features. If a 32′ Class C RV from this company seems too big for you and your traveling companion(s), Thor RV manufacturers do make Class C’s as short as 24′. Just be aware that the shorter the RV, the more likely you will have less sleeping and storage space.

For example, a 32′ Class C can sleep up to eleven people, when you remove the jackknife seating and kitchen/dining areas to reveal sleeping spaces. Most people don’t need space to sleep eleven people, so they might choose the smaller 24′ RV. Even then, the 24′ RV sleeps up to six people, often far more than most families need.

Check out all of the makes and models of RVs and campers at El Monte Sales today!

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