Top Tips for Winterizing RV in 2022

Winterizing RV requires some extra care in winter, particularly if you will not be driving them around in warmer weather in the southern half of the United States. To prepare an RV for winter, you have to know how the drop in temperature can affect everything on and in your RV. Whether this is your first year RVing in winter, or you have done this a few times before, tips for winter RV prep this year are essential.

Do an Oil Change

Even if you just did an oil change on your RV two months ago, do another one, this time with oil made for winter. Lighter weight, thinner oil in your RV’s engine ensures that it won’t freeze up, both literally and figuratively. It will help you with winterizing RV engine keep going all winter long. If you don’t intend to drive the RV in winter, then the oil change will prevent damage to the engine in the cold weather.

Swap out Summer Coolant for Winter Antifreeze

Coolant and antifreeze are essentially the same, except that the coolant is diluted with water and the antifreeze isn’t diluted. Keeping water out of your RV’s engine block in winter prevents the water from freezing and cracking the engine block. Ergo, in winterizing RV, use straight undiluted antifreeze after you have the engine block flushed of the summer coolant.

Check and Inflate the Tires

Cold weather has a nasty way of flattening tires. The change in air pressure in the environment and the freezing air causes air in your tires to escape. Check and inflate the tires on your RV when you prepare an RV for winter. If you are worried about tires going flat during winter travel in your RV, invest in a tire inflation device that can plug right into your RV’s dashboard. Other winter RV tips include checking the RV’s spare tire and making sure it’s inflated, checking the simple RV repair kit and tire jack essentials, and accepting that RVing in winter might mean a lack of hookups. Want more tips? Check them out here.

El Monte RV Sales Has Got Your Winterizing RV Travel Covered

If you’re not sure that you have done a decent job of winterizing RV, bring it into El Monte RV Sales. The technicians will check all the fluids and tires, as well as offer additional great winter RV tips. Then you can depart in your RV with confidence.

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