How To Choose The Right RV For Your Family 

Have you been dreaming about taking your family on the road for a quintessential American road trip? El Monte RV Sales can offer you a newer, professionally maintained RV for just a fraction of what you’d pay somewhere else. We have many options and features to choose from, but how do you choose the right RV for your family? 

If you are unsure of how to proceed with your RV shopping, first sit down and think about what your needs and wants are. The following are things to consider: 

  • How big is your family?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • What will you be using your RV for? Short term trips or long-term living?
  • Where will you be staying?

Class B RVs

If you have a smaller sized family and plan to just use your RV for annual vacations on a short term basis, a Class B RV might work for you! Class B RVs tend to fit up to two adults and two children, but in a much smaller space than a Class A or Class C. In fact, a Class B RV is more like a van than it is a traditional RV. It will include many convenient amenities such as a refrigerator, but not a microwave. If you plan to park and camp, spending a majority of your time in the RV, Class B may not be the best option for you. 

Advantages to a Class B RV are:

  • Easy to maneuver and a smooth drive
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More convenient storage options
  • Convenience amenities like bathroom and fridge
  • Less specialized servicing needed

Disadvantages include:

  • Not convenient for long-term living
  • Missing amenities such as microwave
  • Not a lot of extra space

Class C RVs

Maybe your family is a little bigger, or you like to have space to stretch out. In this case, a Class C may be more up your alley. Class C RVs are a large upgrade from a Class B, with room for 3-5 adults and 2 children (or any combination) in most. Equipped with a full kitchen and entertainment area, traveling in a Class RV will bring you comfort and luxury, while not completely trading in drivability and flexibility. 

Class A RVs

If your goal is comfortable, long-term living in your RV, or you just want the luxury of a mini-home on wheels, a Class A RV is just the ticket. A Class A will get you a walk-around king or queen bedroom, with additional spacious beds available. Additionally, Class A’s include a living room area, dining area, a lot more storage space, plus more. They are however not ideal for maneuvering around as easily, so if you utilize a Class A RV, you can expect to have a smaller list of options for camping, as well as a possible need to tow along a smaller vehicle to use for getting around once you’ve reached your final destination.  

Shop for your family’s RV at El Monte RV Sales

You really can’t go wrong with any type of RV. Packing your family up and traveling via RV is sure to be a memorable experience no one will ever forget. Ultimately, the choice comes down to what works best for your family size and your travel plans. If you would like to check out the options or ask more questions about how to know what’s right for you, contact El Monte RV Sales and we would be happy to help you out!

Choose The Right RV For Your Family

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