How to Make RVing The Affordable Option This Fall

Taking a road trip can be expensive, especially if you factor in meals, snacks, and staying in motels. Even if you stay in the cheapest motels along the way, the cost is still too much. However, if you want more affordable travel, you should go in an RV. Here are some helpful RV tips to make the most of the trip for less.

RV Affordability

If you’re thinking there’s no way you can afford to buy an RV, you should reconsider. El Monte Sales offers many gently used RVs that customers can buy and drive off the lot today. RV ownership is the first of many useful RV tips because owning an RV eventually pays for itself. 

You can take the RV almost anywhere and never have to pay a single motel or hotel overnight bill again. The cost of the RV aside, you end up staying for free in your RV when you travel. RV affordability is an investment in something you can use again and again, pass down to your heirs, and provide you with emergency housing in the event something happens to your stationary residence.

Affordable Travel in an RV

Affordable travel in an RV is the direct result of lack of expenses related to traveling everywhere in a car. You can stock your pantry and the refrigerator in your RV or motorhome before you leave and not have to stop anywhere to eat along the way. Additionally, if you run out of groceries, it’s cheaper and more economical to restock your RV than it is to eat fast food or dine in a sit-down restaurant. 

You could save hundreds of dollars, maybe even a thousand, just by traveling in an RV or motorhome. (In terms of motorhome tips, the same would apply, since motorhomes have lots of extra room and storage for groceries.) That’s money you could use to pay for the RV, and every time you use the RV the money saved on your travel pays for the RV itself.

Take One-Tank Trips

What’s a one-tank trip, you ask? Well, you fill the RV gas tank all the way up. Then you hit the road, looking for cool places to visit and RV campgrounds along the way. After you have half a tank of gas gone, you turn the RV around and head home. Not only are these fun little getaways, but it reduces the need for RV maintenance because you’re not driving as often or as far as longer trips that require more tanks of gas.

RV Maintenance Prior to Travel Reduces Expenses Too

The idea of having to maintain such a large vehicle often leaves people uneasy. Yet, RV maintenance isn’t that difficult. Check the tire pressure and the oil to reduce the gas consumption, thereby reducing the expense and amount of gas you use. Flush the engine and drain it once a year to make sure it runs well again later. Take care of it the same way you would a car. If you do the maintenance before leaving on a road trip you won’t have any surprise expenses along the way (except for maybe a flat tire, but that won’t happen often).

Motorhome Tips

Motorhomes are deluxe RV coaches, a.k.a., touring buses. They are massive and contain all the comforts of home, which means you don’t need to bring many extra things with you. Essentially all the tips you use to make RV travel affordable you can use with a motorhome too.

Come on in to See the RV Inventory

Come on down to El Monte Sales to see all of the RVs and motorhomes for sale. Get into RV ownership and enjoy the “camper” life this weekend.

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