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You have had the joy of owning your own RV for some years now, and while it is just perfect for your needs, some things are starting to show signs of wear and tear. It may be time to polish up some brass or chrome or get new mattresses for the inside or even redo some of your appliances. These decisions can be costly, however, so we are suggesting some ways renovating your RV can be done on a budget. 

Tips for Renovating Your RV Without Breaking the Bank: 

Remodeling or renovating your RV can be a daunting project, but it can also be a whole lot of fun. After all, depending on how far you take it and how much work you’re willing to put in, you can basically create or recreate your own custom RV. 

If you are not ready to strip your rig down to its bare bones, it’s surprising how much small touches can add to your RV’s ease of use and coziness. Even paint and a few well-placed throw pillows can make a huge difference! 

No matter what your rig looks like on the outside, it’s your RV’s interior that really makes or breaks your camping experience. You will be looking at those walls from the inside way more often than you are from the outside!  

From general upgrades to specific remodel ideas for your RV’s kitchen and bathroom, here are some of our best ideas for RV interior remodeling and renovating. 

Do the Floors! 

Updating and renovating your floors is not as difficult as it may sound at first. You don’t have that much floor space to cover, so finding a new laminate floor or even vinyl plank flooring should not be too expensive. You can rip out the old floor with some basic tools and find your new bright flooring to brighten up the entire RV. Starting at the bottom and building up from there is a way to make a perfect base from which to build your camper renovations. There are numerous videos on YouTube, etc. that will show you the ins and outs of how to do this renovation.  

What About Your Windows?  

If your windows are plastic, they may be scratched and ready for replacement; glass can get grimy and stained over time. Give them a good cleanup and consider installing new ones if you need to — and don’t forget about the interior, either! Lovely new curtains can totally change the way you see the world around your rig… and good black-out shades can make or break a good night’s sleep. 

When It Comes to the Furniture…  

Upgrading your RV’s furniture and fixtures can go a long way towards making the space feel cozy. In fact, if you do it right, you may feel like you’re traveling in a whole new rig.  

You Can Recover Your Couch 

That means re-cover it and you will be amazed at how it will brighten up the entire RV. You can purchase ready-made covers or even sew a new slipcover for it. Again, there are lots of YouTube tutorial videos to help you. Or you can replace your couch with a new one if your budget allows. 

Consider a New Home Entertainment Center  

Working on the road remotely and need a workstation for your computer and work needs? You might want a computer and user-friendly workspace instead of that old dinette. A lot of productivity is determined by how user-friendly your workspace is so this is a worthwhile renovating investment. 

How Do You Want to Wash Your Clothes?  

A great upgrade to an old RV is a washing machine designed to fit in your RV. They make some units now that are combined washer and dryers and use steam to dry, so these are environmentally friendly and super-convenient. You may have to have a professional install it for you, however. 

Get Organized! 

Even if you have made lots of improvements, if there is clutter around your RV, it will not look clean and bright. Make some investments in storage solutions that will keep things organized. It’s fine to add some personal touches, like indoor plants and some other knick-knacks that have a use and some value to you, but avoid the clutter. Get files stored neatly and papers should be stashed in files or drawers. Try to imagine the space when it was brand new and there was no clutter at all. It will seem larger too, as soon as you tone down the clutter. 

Paint Can Go a Long Way to Brightening up Your RV 

Renovating your RV should include fresh paint. There are many products on the market now that don’t even require sanding first – some include primer and paint in one coat – and you can easily paint over the existing wallpapered walls. Think about painting your cabinets a nice light blue or light grey color – and white is always a good choice to make the space feel even bigger. 

Mirrors Are Wonderful Space Enlargers 

A nice mirror or two will make your camper feel bright and airy. Wall mirrors can make even a small camper feel twice as large as it is. There are lots of fun shapes and sizes for mirrors that will add to your feeling of space without really adding space. Get creative on this point. 

Decide Which Appliances May Need Replacing: 

Does your RV refrigerator date back to the last century? How about your microwave or toaster oven? You are likely to enjoy your camping experience even more if you can budget for a new appliance that will look fresh and bright in your renovated RV. Many appliances can require a big investment so be sure to research them carefully and budget for what you really need. 

Install a New Backsplash: 

This also does not require a large budget because you are likely looking at a pretty small amount of space. Check out the backsplashes at various big box stores and see what they have on their clearance shelves. Often, a big job in a kitchen runs short of what was purchased, so these stores often have to take back the overruns, and then sell them at a reduced price. You may find just enough to cover your kitchen’s walls and make a beautiful upgrade to your RV’s kitchen.  

Upgrade Your RV Shower 

Increased water pressure and customizability transform an ordinary RV shower into a luxurious experience, and it can even help you save water while boondocking, too. And at less than $20, this is one of the cheapest upgrades you can make. As you shower every single day, nothing’s as miserable as doing it under a trickle. With this upgrade, you definitely will get a lot of bang for your buck. 

And Then There’s the Toilet 

If there’s one piece of equipment you definitely want to ensure is functioning well, it’s your RV’s toilet. And fortunately, replacing it doesn’t have to be very expensive — RV toilets are often available for only a little over $100. While you certainly can DIY your toilet replacement, if you don’t know what you’re doing, this can become a downright messy affair. Check out online tutorials, but consider hiring professional help if you’re at all unsure! 

Help the Environment While Powering Your RV 

The upgrade to solar power is one of the best investments you can make over time. It may be expensive up front, but solar will pay for itself over time, and help the environment as well. Even if you approach it from a strictly selfish perspective, boondocking with solar panels is way better than doing so on a generator. You’ll enjoy access to your electronics without noise or smelly fumes, and you won’t have to worry about figuring out where to find propane along the way. 

Renovating your RV might be hard work, but your efforts will be rewarded with a beautiful, enjoyable vacation vehicle, your very own custom getaway bungalow on wheels. 

Are you inspired yet? Are you ready to renovate your RV? Or, is it time to take a look at replacing it? Please check out our expansive inventory of used RV’s at El Monte RV Sales, and get ready for an improved RV that you have been wishing for. 

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