The Cheapest Way To Roadtrip

At El Monte RV Sales, we believe in adventure! Have you been considering an epic road trip? With increasing prices, you may be wondering how you can make your vacation as affordable as possible. So, what is the cheapest way to roadtrip?

RV Travel Is An Affordable Way To Travel

One of the least expensive ways to travel is by RV. Whether you are looking for a budget option for short term vacations, or something larger and more sustainable for long-term living, El Monte RV Sales can help you figure out the best RV option for you and your family. Purchasing a used RV can create an opportunity to get a better, bigger option for less financial impact.  Not only will you avoid costly airline tickets, inconvenient waits at the airport (and potential delays/cancellations!),  you will also be able to skip out on the cost of a hotel and rental car. Having an RV for your travel literally puts every step of vacation in one convenient package.

Additionally, when you are traveling by RV, there are a multitude of affordable options for where you stay, including:

  • Boondocking – Boondocking is a typically free camping option that includes no hookups. Even if you don’t spend your entire trip boondocking, filling in some time by doing this will save you campsite fees.
  • State Parks – State park camping generally have very low fees with a great deal of perks, including hookups and showers, with some even including laundry facilities and other amenities
  • Discount Clubs -If your trip includes multiple camping stops, look into discount camping clubs or memberships


Stock Up On Snacks and Groceries

Another advantage to RV travel is that your live-in transportation will come equipped with a full-use kitchen. Cook as many meals as possible in the RV and buy snacks in bulk instead of loading up on pricier gas station snacks. 


Look for Local Entertainment

A road trip is all about the sights, so fill up a lot of your free time with sightseeing. Take advantage of national parks, local festivals and events, and spend time in nature by taking hikes and swimming in local public lakes. Many national attractions offer memberships that allow visits to their various locations across the country, so for one price you can visit multiple places. 


Watch Your Speed

Whatever you’re driving on your road trip, there are ways to maximize your mileage. If you’re not in a hurry (and on vacation, you shouldn’t be!), keep your highway speed at 55mph, or at least as close to the speed limit as possible. This will drastically reduce fuel usage, which definitely will reduce your overall spend. 


Plan Ahead To Save When Traveling

Plan your trip out before leaving so you can ensure you have everything you need and can avoid purchasing forgotten items on the road.


Get Road Trip Ready at El Monte RV Sales

There are many ways to save money while road tripping if you plan ahead, and having an RV gives an extra advantage to budget travel. If you are looking for an RV for your upcoming family adventures, come visit us at El Monte RV Sales, and we can help you choose the perfect one just for you.

cheapest way to roadtrip

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